About Me

Health and fitness isn't just changing physically

Hi, I’m Angus. I am friendly, easy going and motivated and I want to help you on your journey of body transformation. I started training 8 years ago and developed a passion for health and fitness. After completing a Bachelor of Finance and Economics, I realized I wanted to follow my true calling and help others transform their lives both mentally and physically, as it has done for me.

Let's level up in more ways then one

I started my fitness journey after being forced into the gym by my mum as I wasn't into team sports.

After years of training, I began to realize the positive effect exercise had for me mentally and fell in love with the health and fitness industry. I stepped into my first ICN fitness model competition coming 1st and only looking up from there. From hating running to completing half marathons. From fearing open water swims to competing in triathlons. It is all possible when in the right frame of mind.

My mission in life is to help people live their best life and I know being fit and healthy plays a big part in that.

My Certificates

– Certificate III in Fitness (Group trainer)

– Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal training)

–  Level 1 Fitness Australia Registration

– Current CPR and First Aid certificates

– Precision Nutrition Level 1

– Accredited Sports Nutritionist